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Selected Editorial Produced by The Roney Group


Nokia - Operational Excellence for Emergency Services - October 2021

Book Publishing - Highpoint Executive Publishing - 2006 to 2020

Ad Creative: "LA's Last Street Cop" - June 2020


Forbes: Best Franshises 2018 - October 2018

BevNet: The Diviner - July 2018


Steven Nickolas: The Diviner (Full "Director's Cut") - July 2018

Forbes: Paper and Packaging Board - November 2017


Nokia: Michigan Public Safety Communications (Writing and Design) - May 2017


Nokia: Utility Teleprotection eBook (Writing and Design) - May 2017


Forbes: Advantage Gold - May 2017

Nokia: A Critical Network Component for Florida Public Safety - April 2017


Forbes Magazine: CDW and HP Team Up - February 2017

Nokia: San Diego Communications Network  (writing and Design) - February 2017


Nokia: Cybersecurity E-Book (Writing and Design)  - January 2017


Forbes Magazine: Extreme Reach - December 2016


Nokia: Connected Airports - October 2016


Forbes Magazine: Election Year Outlook for Gold - September 2016


Nokia: Using air-to-ground LTE for in-flight ultra-broadband- July 2016


Nokia: Mission-Critical Communications Networks for Air Traffic Control - June 2016


Nokia: Report on MWC 2016 Smart City Roundtable - March 2016


Nokia: Utility Communications Security White Paper - January 2016


Alcatel-Lucent: Broadband World Congress Rountable Report - November 2015


Alcatel-Lucent: Paris Metro Communications Upgrade - June 2015


Forbes Magazine: Toshiba Medical Systems - February 2015


Forbes Magazine: Toshiba / Video and Article - January 2015


Forbes Magazine: AvtoTest - October 2014

The Glenlivit: Lance Armstrong and the Business of Cheating - February 2014


Forbes Magazine: Olympic Rower Malcolm Howard - July 2014


Forbes Magazine: Investing in Gold - June 2014


Alcatel-Lucent Strategic Industries Websites - 2014

Forbes Magazine: Fleet Management - April 2014 

Forbes Magazine: Corporate Security- April 2014 

Alcatel-Lucent’s GridTalk e-Zine: Public Broadband - March 2014

Alcatel-Lucent blog:  March 2014

Forbes Magazine: Unleashing Sustainable Supply Chain Value -  March 2014

Alcatel-Lucent’s GridTalk e-Zine: IP Migration for Utilities - January 2014

Forbes Magazine: Despite Buffeting, Gold Retains Value -  December 2013

Alcate-Lucent Blog  - February 2013

Alcatel-Lucent: LifeTalk e-Zine February 2013

Alcatel-Lucent Blog - September 2012

Forbes Magazine: UPS Supply Chain Sustainability / UPS - December 2012

Forbes Magazine: Environmental Liability - June 2012

Alcatel-Lucent: OG&E Revolutionizes Smart Grid February 2012

Forbes Magazine: Suncor's Strategic Collaboration -  November 2011

Forbes Magazine: Cathay Pacific Airlines August 2011

WedPix Magazine: Trash the Dress - October 2008

The Tasting Panel: Wine and Spirits Merchants of New Jersey  May 2010



Forbes Life: Joys of Digital Living December 2008

Alcatel-Lucent: AltaLink Case Study January 2012


Alcatel-Lucent: GridTalk Energy e-Zine December 2011

Forbes Magazine: UPS November 2011

Forbes Magazine: Shell October 2011

Alcatel-Lucent: GridTalk Energy e-Zine July 2011

Forbes Magazine: Shell Natural Gas July 2011


Forbes Magazine: The Business Case for Hiring Veterans July 2011

Forbes Magazine: UPS Sustainability June 2011


The Tasting Panel: Pro-Fusion - May 2011

Alcatel-Lucent:  Leading Utilities Turn Promise into Reality  - April 2011

Forbes Magazine: Building the Smart Grid - December 2010


Forbes Life: Forbes Star Travel Guide - December 2010


Forbes Magazine: Business Travel -National Car Rental November 2010


Forbes Magazine: Business Travel - Lufthansa October 2010


Forbes Magazine: British Airways October 2010


Forbes Magazine: National Car Rental  September 2010


Forbes Asia: Sharp Electronics  September 2010


Forbes Magazine: Investing In Gold  June 2010


Forbes Life: Golf in Dubai  June 2010


Forbes Life: Mexico City  June 2010


Forbes Magazine: Infor  April 2010


Forbes Life:  Wynn Resorts    November 2009


Forbes Life:  Rosewood Resorts   November 2009


Forbes Magazine: Newark June 2009


Forbes Magazine: Business Travel Guide May 2009


Forbes Magazine: Business Travel Guide October 2008


VOX Hamptons: East End Lobstering October 2008


Forbes Magazine: Vestas Wind Power  July 2008


Forbes Magazine: Qantas Travel Section April 2008


Forbes Magazine: Insider's Guide to Business Travel, November 2007


Forbes Magazine: WiFi and WiMax, October 2005


Forbes Magazine: Irish Development Agency, July 2007


Forbes Magazine: Amdocs Conference, January 2007 Odeo Profile, January 2007 VuePoint Profile, February 2007


WedPix Magazine: Trumping Image Manipulation: Profile of Catherine Hall


Wedding Photojournalist Association WedPix Magazine: Profile


Wedding Photojournalist Association WedPix Magazine: Story


Forbes Magazine: Outsourcing Point-Counterpoint, May 2003


Featured in FAST COMPANY, January 1999


Upside Magazine: Macworld December 1996


Upside Magazine: Milia January 1997


Desktop Magazine: Book Review, 1990


Guerrilla Guide Consumer Column: Prototype, 1998 

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